Identify the mechanics making you ALWAYS FEEL TIGHT

and learn to finally RELAX those stressed muscles in 7 days even if you've been getting treatment for YEARS.

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What You Will Learn In This Guide:

  • Why 3 gentle movements are essential for speeding up rehab, and progressing training

  • How to execute the ideal posterior pelvic tilt (relaxing your lower back)

  • How to position your foot/ ankle/ knee for ideal force production & absorption

  • How to use specific breathing patterns to loosen up the back/ neck/ shoulders

  • Putting it all together!

Cameron's Story

I’m Cameron Puls, Physical Therapist turned Trainer/ Therapist hybrid. I started Performance Therapy Institute to be able to offer my full skill set to my clients whether that be completing rehab after failing to achieve desired outcomes in the past, or transitioning back to running/ hiking/ lifting without the fear re-injury. When you feel strong and at your best, then that confidence spills out into everything else you love.

I have had the pleasure of having many mentors in the field of Physical Therapy and Strength Training, and have worked in various settings from hospitals to college teams. It does not matter if you’re just trying to start moving confidently without pain, or if you’re trying to push your personal record for running or lifting without the reoccurring pain and plateaus, I’ve got you.

I am very passionate about the science of rehab and training, I have my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, completed a 1 year residency in Orthopedics, a 2 year fellowship in Orthopedic manual therapy, and have been studying under multiple mentors to bridge the concepts between health and performance.

I still enjoy playing basketball and not having to deal with the aches and pains I always had in college.

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